Farm Animals

Our approach

From vaccines to surgical procedures, our Argyle based veterinary team takes a professional approach to all we do. We follow strict procedures to provide our services in the cleanest and safest environment possible. Below you will find the procedures we perform on farm animals.



  • Internal medicine services and consultation
  • 24 hour year round emergency services
  • Johne’s disease vaccination and Risk Management Assessment
  • On-farm preconditioning
  • Intrastate, Interstate, and International Regulatory services
  • Lameness evaluation and correction
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Post mortem examinations
  • Parasitology services
  • Antibiotic residue testing available at an outside lab
  • Surgical services and consultation

o Displaced abomasums
o Umbilical herniation
o Cesarean section
o Castration
o Wound laceration repair and maintenance
o Dehorning – conventional and cosmetic
o Penile urethrostomy
o Claw amputation
o Ovarioectomy (heifer spaying)
o Ophthalmic – enucleation, 3rd eyelid resection, pinkeye treatment

  • Reproductive services and consultation

o Ultrasound
o Pregnancy diagnosis
o Ovarian and uterine examination
o Fetal sexing

  • On-farm bull fertility examination

o Physical and microscopic examination
o Basic surgical services
o Consultation

  • Farm protocol consultation

o Protocols are tailored to each individual farm
o Vaccination protocols
o Antibiotic and treatment protocols
o Residue avoidance consultation

  • In-clinic mastitis culturing

o Most results available within 24 hours
o Mastitis treatment and prevention consultation

  • Milk Quality Assurance program inspections and consultation



  • Regulatory services
  • Pork Quality Assurance inspections and training
  • General medicine and consultation
  • General surgery

o Castration
o Umbilical and inguinal hernia repair

  • Vaccinating protocols
  • Disease diagnosis and treatment
  • PIN tag service



  • Regulatory services
  • Equine castration
  • General medicine and surgery
  • EIA (Coggins) testing
  • On-farm euthanasia

Sheep, goats and cervids


  • Regulatory service
  • General medicine and surgery
  • Parasite and vaccination protocols

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